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The Everglades Visitor Center is the perfect place to start your tour in this family-friendly and environmental destination. It will provide you and your kids with a wealth of useful information about what you need to know about the Everglades unique ecosystem. Educational displays and resources about the Everglades Wildlife Management Area, wildlife replicas and much more are available for the public to see.

Everglades Visitor Center

Adding context and scientific facts to your visit is actually an excellent way to enhance your experience and learn more about what you will see in this natural area of tropical wetlands. Learning about the history and the evolution of this region will also help you apprehend the global picture. Last but not least, you and your children will have the opportunity to learn more about the wildlife that abounds in the area: there are not only alligators but also all sorts of birds (over 350 species! especially the wading bird and lots of migratory birds), plants (sawgrass, bladderwort, cypress…) and reptiles. With this educational center, you will be able to plan better your visit since the natural park is huge and has a lot to offer. Flora and fauna are truly amazing here and we want you to leave amazed!

Take a Stroll on The Boardwalk

Take a stroll on the boardwalk which is a wooden walkway that will lead you up to the lookout tower. It is a self-guided trail that will show you more of the fantastic Everglades natural environment. If you enjoy walking around and seeing the wildlife management area by yourself, it is a great opportunity to do so in a safe and relaxed way. Catch a glimpse of the surrounding beauty and possibly get to see some wildlife and fish if they come close enough to the surface. You may see alligators, turtles, herons, egrets and many other birds! So make sure to bring your camera and also some water to stay hydrated. You will surely enjoy the quiet, with only the sounds of cicadas and birds to break the silence. This type of trail mixes wildlife, water and views, and it has the potential to get your kids interested and asking thousands of questions about the great things they see. Stay quiet if you don’t want to scare the animals, especially the birds. “Awesome” is the word most often used by adults and children alike when they see what the Everglades Wildlife Management Area has to offer. Who told you that swamps should be ugly and boring? Next time, you’re bored at home in the city, come visit us instead of going to the shopping mall.

Picnic Area

The picnic area is simple yet clean and has lots of seating which is perfect for a large group of visitors. Visiting the Everglades is a rather incredible and mind-blowing experience. There are a few vending machines around to make sure you can recharge your batteries!

After a refreshing break, and if you want to explore the Everglades differently, you should try to rent a kayak. The kayaking rental service enjoys year-round success among all kinds of visitors. It is a lot of fun and it gives a sense of adventure to your entire experience.

Keep a Lookout

The onsite Nature Lookout Tower is the perfect opportunity for wildlife observation in the Everglades, especially alligators. Bird and Nature lovers alike will love these sweeping vistas! Panoramic views of the wildlife management area are truly breathtaking and visitors usually leave with a million memories to share, especially the little ones who remember this experience for a lifetime. Nature has the power to capture people's imagination and inspire. We hope that after your visit you will be able to understand better the challenges and opportunities represented by this unique place. The lookout tower is a good vantage point and the view stretches over miles and miles of natural area. It looks like a huge and impressive “river of grass”! The tower has great views and offers easy access for families. This part of your visit should be one of the highlights of your experience in the Everglades. It is really worth the walk. Get in the tower and take advantage of the raised observation platform to look around in silence with your children, a great family-bonding experience that will all leave you in awe.



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